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The original at the Arts et Métiers Museum in Paris
Here at the Deutsches Museum in Munich (Germany)

The association "Le fardier de Cugnot" was created in 2009 to coordinate the construction phase of the functional replica of the fardier at the scale of origin (scale 1) as well as to prepare and manage its exploitation.

The CUGNOT fardier is considered the first "AUTO MOBILE" in history because it is the first land vehicle capable of moving alone without the use of animal force.

The project started in 2007. It is INITIATED by the commune of VOID-VACON (MEUSE) in LORRAINE, native village of Nicolas Joseph Cugnot. Built in 1769 by CUGNOT, a French military engineer, this military craft was designed to move cannons or their carriages. Remained in the state of prototype, it never served.


How was the idea of ​​building a functional replica of the fardier born?

* In 1991 and 1993, to honor the memory of N.J.Cugnot, Void-Vacon set up demonstrations on the theme of steam engines. They are very successful and show a clear interest for the illustrious inventor.

* In 2004, the year of the bicentenary of the death of Cugnot, a great feast. "A Vapeurs" is organized. On this occasion, a child from the village, Fabrice Génisson, built models of the fardier at 1/20 °. The new mayor at the time, André Jannot, asked him and, a little bit jokingly, said to him: "But you, an engineer of Arts and Crafts, you could not find a way to help us build A replica of the life size fardier. Three years later, the project is launched!

It is conducted by the Ecole des Arts et Métiers ParisTech with the assistance of the Museum of Arts and Crafts of Paris.

By constructing the functional replica of the 1-scale fardier, VOID-VACON wanted to prove that it actually worked.

What is done on September 18, 2010: the official rounds of wheels take place during the Heritage Days.

Presented at public events, the replica of the fardier has a pedagogical objective. With it, the association wishes to promote the historical and cultural dimensions of its region. We hope to see a day & nbsp; in the commune. , A "Space CUGNOT" where should be exhibited the fardier.


Much information is provided on the site (historical, technical, financial, etc.).


We wish you a pleasant visit and hope to welcome you regularly, the site being periodically updated.


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